Q: What does Cloud Based Technology refer to:

A: Cloud-Based Systems allow data to be stored, managed and controlled off-site in the ‘cloud’.

Q: How does the data get to and from the cloud?

A: We make use of Cybersmart’s Light Speed Fiber Internet infrastructure. More infomation can be found here: http://www.lightspeed.co.za/

Q: What security technology is supported?

A: We currently offer cloud-based CCTV, access control and intercom systems.

Q: What equipment is required at the building?

A: We normally install a small network wall box cabinet (6U – 12U) which houses our networking equipment.

Q: Does this equipment have power backups?

A: We provide a UPS/Inverter system that will power our equipment for up to 4 hours.

Q: How many days is the CCTV video footage stored for in the Cloud?

A: Our standard packages include storage of CCTV footage for 30 days. This is based on each camera being recorded @ 12fps @ 1080P resolution.

Q: If a legacy analog CCTV system is installed onsite what is required to upgrade to Cloud Security Service?

A: We normally recommend that customers upgrade to an IP CCTV system, however if this is not possible we are able to convert the analog system with special box called a IP Video Encoder.  This allows us to retain the existing camera system while still providing the client with offsite secure redundant recording system.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade an old ‘aiphone-style’ Intercom system to a new digital Voice-Over-IP system?

A: Yes, utilising CyberSmart’s fibre to the home infrastructure, intercom services can easily be installed in existing apartment units.  Our Cloud Security runs off this fiber and allows communication with the cloud where the VOIP PBX is situated.

Q: Is the Intercom Audio only or are Video/Audio model solutions also available?

A: Combined Video/Audio Intercom Stations are available.  The tenant can then use there Smart Phone or Tablet to view the video and answer the door.  Alternatively we offer a touchscreen intercom unit with video display.